*A 10% price break applies when combining certain services.

My style=classic to edgy with a little side of rock-n-roll!

Looking through my eyes you would realize in my world, hair is art. Sculpting and creating tailored looks for clients fuels my fire for the hair canvas that awaits me. Helping clients realize how beautiful they really are brings me great joy...and if I can assist my guests in changing how they view themselves, then I've had a successful day! 

I thrive from continuing my education as often as I can. The pinnacle of my career, so far, has been the opportunity to have attended the Vidal Sassoon Advanced Academy in London. All I can say about that is....mind blown! Loved it. Also, I will do whatever is necessary to make my work perfection and have been known to chase a client out the door if I see something I missed...y'all know who you are.  Finally, I'd like to let you know I LOVE to indulge my guests with every attention, comfort and kindness so they  can unwind from the "busyness" of life.

When you are in my chair, you can rest assured knowing that I'm less talk more focus with a little "hairapy" on the side!

When you decide to treat yourself with the gift of time and relaxation, feel free to contact me at the following:
email susangeerfickling@gmail.com and follow me @susangeerfickling Instagram and Susan Geer-Fickling on Facebook.   See you soon sunshine!