Welcome to our new site and blog!

We are excited for you to check it out and give us your feed back. We hope that you enjoy the easy navigation and it's fresh, modern look!

Here are some helpful tips if you're new to Volume Salon:

1. Go to the BIO page and select your stylist.

Here you can get an idea and feel for which stylist to choose. You will be in great hands with everyone at Volume, so no need to worry on who you choose, we have over 100 years of experience combined! Of course, everyone has their strengths and specialties. Also, everyone's years of experience, training, education, services and pricing varies. Which brings us to number two..

2. Go to the MENU page to select your service.

Once you head on to the menu page, you will notice that everyone has their own, choose the stylist you'd like to book and select the services you are interested in.

3. Book online or contact your stylist directly.

We offer online booking that is available 24/7 and most of our services are bookable. Certain stylists don't offer online booking, and certain services won't be available online. Booking online is very easy and quick, you select your stylist, then the date and service. If it's not available that means that the stylist is either already booked or is off. You can always head over to the CONTACT page and select the stylist you'd like to contact.

We look forward to seeing you soon!