Life is busy enough already and it's hard to add something to our routines even if it's beneficial. I am so glad that Save the Day and While You Sleep both are super easy and convenient to use, where you can literally do it in your sleep, haha you see what I did there?

Just like with your regular beauty routines like exfoliating your face, doing a mask or treatment, whitening treatments for your teeth, botox, facials etc. You have to give your hair the same TLC as well. Most masks you have to apply after you shampoo your hair in the shower and leave the mask on for 5-20 minutes depending on the product. Which yeah, is super easy but sometimes we don't have the time.

That's what's so great about While You Sleep, you can apply it on dry hair and sleep with it overnight if your locks are needing some extra repair or you can also just put it on before you take a shower then shampoo it out. You can do this once or twice a week depending on the integrity of your hair.

To keep up with the health of your hair between mask treatments you can use the Save the Day for around the clock repair, you can apply it to wet hair then proceed with your normal styling products. The Save the Day also contains UV filters to protect your hair from the drying effects of the sun. You can't go wrong either way!